All About Boarding Schools in India

All About Boarding Schools in India

Primarily, boarding schools were considered by parents who moved around a lot due to professional commitments and faced problems with the continuity of their kids' education. Today, most parents who can't free up time to keep a watchful eye on their cialis prix children also opt to send their kids to boarding schools than private schools in India. Despite having tight work schedules and no time for their children, most parents are reluctant to send their kids away from them. Prior to sending their kids to boarding schools in India, parents should always weigh the pros and cons.


  • Since, boarding school students have to take care of themselves, they learn to deal with their own problems, ending up being self-dependent.
  • They are also very disciplined and understand time-management as they are asked to finish up all their chores within a set time frame.
  • Level of education's quality is relatively higher than that of in a day school. Additionally, students learn to make their own decisions an understand how important teamwork is which further advances as a leadership quality.
  • Being in boarding school means kids have to rub shoulders with all kinds of students which cultivates good companionship amongst the kids. They learn to tolerate one another and grow a better level of patience in them.
  • From sharing a classroom to sharing a room, kids bond with other students which later transforms into great friendships.
  • Boarding schools provide a stimulating environment where students get to string out various activities after school hours as well. For example, they can use school libraries, sports facilities, labs and more.
  • Daily commute eats up a lot of time of students which can certainly be saved in a boarding school.


  • The first thing a boarding school lacks is the love, nurturing, and thoughtfulness of a parent.
  • Since they come from different backgrounds and have mental states at odds, many students sometimes feel compatibility issues and find it difficult to stay in a boarding school.
  • Homesickness is another problem for many kids and it sometimes lead to isolation.
  • During weekends, children often miss the ability to escape school surroundings.
  • Staying far from home results in less bonding between children and their parents.

Of course, pros of boarding schools outweigh cons. However, parents should consider schools that suit the interests and likes of their children and ensure that they will be comfortable during their stay there. School time is a sensitive time for kids therefore, parents have to ensure that they choose a good school that keeps a close watch over their children while offering quality education along with ready at hand counseling for them.