Government Schools vs Private Schools

Government Schools vs Private Schools

Government Schools vs Private Schools

Why are Government Schools Lacking, But Have the Ability to Surpass Private Schools Overnight?

Most parents prefer enrolling their kid in a private school. Some parents consider this to be a point of pride. But, some parents feel that private schools offer a better education than a school of government. The reason is that they have better infrastructure than a national school of government.

Are Government Schools Lacking?

Yes, it is true that a government primary school will not have the infrastructure. But, government school programs can help them to surpass private schools quickly. There are also other positive aspects that make government schools better than private middle schools. Let us explore them here:

Better Academic Performance of Government Schools:

Government school students in many states outperform students from private educational institutions. According to the Annual Status of Education Report in the state of Maharashtra, government schools outperform private schools. The report also states that the performance of Grade III children in government schools are better than students

in similar class in private primary schools.

Infrastructure in Government Schools:

Most state governments strive hard to provide the best substructure. Private middle schools have better facilities as compared to government institutions. But, government schools are also improving in this regard.

Reach up to Villages:

In a country like India with many villages, government schools are present in almost every town. But, it is hard to find even a single private primary school in rural areas. The reason is that they function with profit motto. So, they do not want their school to be present in a place with lesser student-strength.

High Quality Tested Teachers:

Further, in the case of government institutions, they hire teachers only after a complete evaluation. It is not easy for teachers to get a job in government schools. There is also a severe competition because of job security and good pay. For instance, public schools hire candidates with at least a B. Ed for the teaching position.

But, as against the best private schools, most schools hire just graduates for teaching positions. With experienced teachers in government schools, the best education is possible for children. Further, government schools hire only trained teachers.

Attractive Fee Structure:

The reason for some parents not opting for private secondary schools is the high fee structure. But, government schools offer a better fee structure. The affordability is an aspect that helps government schools to standout as compared to private institutions.


In the case of private elementary schools, parents have to pay for books separately. But, in public schools, the cost of books is included in the entire fee.


So, these aspects make government schools better than private institutions. Thus, parents should get out of the mindset that the latter is the best. They should consider enrolling their kid in a government institution. When the student strength increases, the government will automatically take steps to improve the infrastructure. The right support from parents is the need of the hour for government schools.