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Delhi Public Schools have a tradition in excellence of education that dates back to 1949, the year in which first school got inaugurated at New Delhi. Today DPS is a family of 127 schools located in India along with 21 foreign b... Read More
  Parenting skills are something highly essential to develop if you intend to produce a better citizen to the society. Without any doubt, raising kids is one of the hardest and also the most fulfilling jobs in the world. It is a... Read More
If you are wondering whether delaying a year of school enrolment of your kid can be the right decision, the thing to remember is that you are not alone and many parents have this question. There is a wide range of theories about... Read More
As soon as the initial formalities of purchasing application form, filling it up in the right manner, submitting it with appropriate supporting documents are completed, the next step is to wait for the threatening interview call... Read More
In general, school fees in India vary on the basis of varied parameters and schools follow different approaches towards deciding the fee structure. For instance, there are different educational boards at school level in India an... Read More
  One of the leading career magazines called Education World has recently come up with a list of best schools in India for the year 2016. Under 14 different categories: This magazine has ranked the India’s best schools of 20... Read More
Chandigarh, the city of beauty is not just the capital of two states, but it is also a union territory on its own in India. There are many places of interest for tourists in this city. So, here comes the question whether the cit... Read More
Chennai is called by nicknames like Gateway of South India and City of life. The city is known to give life to whoever reaches the city for their livelihood by providing with a job. Located in the Coromandel Coast off the Bay of B... Read More
  Education in Delhi: If you are looking for top 10 schools in Delhi, the thing to remember is that private schools in this city are either following Hindi or English as the medium of instruction. The schools in this city are... Read More
Not just for collegiate education, Bangalore is the city that hosts some of the best schools in the country and so this Silicon Valley of India is suitable for school education for your kids as well. This city is the favorite de... Read More
Under 14 different categories:We have ranked the India’s best schools of 2016 under 14 varied categories and the categories are as follows. Four months survey:In the survey that lasted for more than four months, 120 C Fore fiel... Read More