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Sports form one of the most integral parts of a child growing up. In the orthodox mind of an adult, working for an institution of education, securing the highest average in academics is given more importance than physical exerci... Read More
Most parents help their children do their homework, and they should - considering the amount of homework children get these days from their schools. The question, however, is whether doing homework is actually useful. Night afte... Read More
Co-education vs. single sex schools has long been the hot topic for debates around the world. While some say that the academic studies and results are far superior in a single sex school, others argue that students miss out a lo... Read More
NO further, the homework will be a boredom to children, as now new tactics and strategies can be divulged by the mothers or the family members to make the kid study and keep the child engrossed in the dynamic set of activities a... Read More
Kindergarten is generally the first experience of a child in a classroom environment and is the important part in grooming an infant. Besides inspiring the commencement of the academic life, kindergarten also helps in developing... Read More
Schooling as we see is a phase in which a student is equipped with strong academic base to make the right decision ahead. Specialization at an early stage leaves the students with piles of worry, the fear of making the wrong dec... Read More
Educators and researchers in the field of learning have always strived to discover methodologies that can help students in grasping the concepts better. Right from classroom interactive teaching to intensive study material, each... Read More
  Top 10 Schools in India are identified based on various factors like performance, excellence, and education. Many other factors are also considered in ranking schools around the country. For instance, infrastructure, teacher ... Read More
When talking about demonetization and its impact on different sectors, experts are of the opinion that the real estate, consumer goods and automobile are the highly affected industries. On the other hand, they are also of the opin... Read More
  A teacher and student relationship is highly important from the point of view of the children. The reason is that they spend almost 5-7 hours a day with a teacher for nearly 10 months in a year. Each one of us has gone throug... Read More
Children’s carrying heavy school bags is the most common scene that we see in our neighbourhoods. Experts are of the opinion that the backpack of a child should not weigh more than 15 percent of his/her weight. This means that... Read More
The debate on providing sex education in schools in India continues for long. Sex education is an act of informing school children about everything that they need to know about sex. Not just sex, this education encompasses other... Read More
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