Co-Education vs. Single Sex Schools


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Co-Education vs. Single Sex Schools

Co-education vs. single sex schools has long been the hot topic for debates around the world. While some say that the academic studies and results are far superior in a single sex school, others argue that students miss out a lot on the life education.

Both boys and girls are different when they are young and think differently. Various studies have also suggested that boys and girls have different learning styles and respond differently to what`s being taught in the class. Girls actually study better in groups whereas boys seek more direction and this partial separation makes it hard for teachers to accommodate the differences in a coed classroom.

Since there`s no difference in learning style in single sex does viagra make you bigger schools, like girls schools in India, students learn at the same pace in the same manner and even teachers simply adopt a teaching technique that suits to most of the students. Due to these factors, students in a single sex school do better in exams as compared to their counterparts.

However, generating outstanding results mostly depends on the teacher and his ability to handle all the students because a classroom is full of brilliant, smart, average and below-average students. And in the wrong hands, such a classroom can face failures. But a strong teacher who understands the students` abilities will definitely help to achieve best possible results.

Another notable factor in Private Schools in India, in single sex schools is the fact that there are lesser distractions for both the sexes. At school age, it`s usual for students to develop a liking for the other sex and in a coed school, that liking turns into dating, sitting together in the classroom, studying together or more. Since they want to spend more time together, there`s a little left for studies or assignments. Plus, there are lesser instances of students whiling their time away gossiping who is dating who and who likes who.

A coed school provides an all-encompassing academic environment which is a better reflection of our society. A recent survey showed that students who studied in a single sex school are more hesitant to form friendships with people of other sex and remain so for the rest of their lives. On the flip side, coed students have no difficulties making friends and even expressing their views in front of the other sex.

To sum up, when weighing benefits of coeds and single sex schools, both have their own. Whether one is good or bad, solely depends on the school – its academic environment, teachers` capabilities and teaching techniques make the difference.

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