Home work - Does it help Grooming Kids


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Home work - Does it help Grooming Kids

Most parents help their children do their homework, and they should - considering the amount of homework children get these days from their schools. The question, however, is whether doing homework is actually useful. Night after night, parents tell themselves that the pains their children take in completing their homework can actually help them. In a way, it does help them advance their classes but there is more to it.

Homework is a ritual that has evolved over the years. Though it was first cultivated as a method of reinforcing what has been taught in the class by the teachers, today homework has evolved to gain many more dimensions. For starters, today`s homework is meant for self-study. Most educators believe that the child should be left free to explore a concept and allowed to dig deeper into something that catches his or her fancy. This helps the child learn more about things than he or she would have learned if they are spoon fed in the classroom.

In addition to prompting children to perform their own research, homework also pushes children to use their creativity for their work. Working models, charts and other projects help children learn about solving problems creatively. This is an excellent way of developing out of the box thinking and promoting originality in the working culture. This is also an excellent way to groom the child. Normally Private Schools in India give more home work than Public Schools in India

Scientists have put in a lot of amount of research on homework and whether it is right to burden children with so much. Most researches have gone inconclusive and debates have arisen out of the findings. For almost all the evidence of advantages of homework, there is almost the same amount of counter evidence to disprove the found advantages. Since the counter evidence disproves most of what the researches claim to have found, it is hard to ignore it. Ultimately, the question boils down to this - how much is too much?

While homework does have its advantages, it has several disadvantages as well. For starters, many teachers would see this as an opportunity to skip over tough lessons. children are expected to work on several very difficult projects without any real rationale. So when the teacher is not sure of why a project is being created or being given to a child, the homework becomes pointless. Since the teacher would not know the rationale of the homework, she or he would not be able to grade it properly too. This leads to more problems than solutions.

Research shows that children are doing twice the amount of homework that they were doing a decade and a half ago. Is all of it really relevant to their curriculum? Or is it just to groom them? Experts have differing opinions on this. Some of course say that doing more homework instils more discipline and engages the child correctly, preventing him or her from getting distracted by the myriad of distractions available today. On the other hand, there are the detractors of homework who claim that this amount of homework only burdens children and suppresses their overall development.

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