Physical Activities - Necessity Of Sports In Schools


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Sports form one of the most integral parts of a child growing up. In the orthodox mind of an adult, working for an institution of education, securing the highest average in academi...
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Physical Activities - Necessity Of Sports In Schools

Sports form one of the most integral parts of a child growing up. In the orthodox mind of an adult, working for an institution of education, securing the highest average in academics is given more importance than physical exercise in general.

As a child proceeds further down his path of education, sports become irrelevant. In fact, in today's age, Schools are required and must promote the importance of sports among their students. Students tend to give their physical caretaking a backseat in the course of studying, and this may cause a number of problems later on in life. But many of the Private Schools in India, are not having enough facilities

Sports are a benchmark to having and achieving overall stability in a student's life. It is a way of releasing stress and in turn contributing better attention to his academics. It increases his/her stamina and provides for the student a platform to vent his stress.

Sports not only build up a backing of physical fitness to the child but also contribute to a number of other factors such as building up some of the more important virtues. A Student tends to learn the importance of teamwork, leadership, facing failure with dignity as well as tactical planning of what may lie ahead. All these core values, in a surprising way, are the building blocks to some of the most successful corporate leaders of all time. This in turn prepares him to face his career.

As another known fact, physical fitness is of utmost importance for a healthy mind. A weak body, that is ailing does not provide for the best working of the brain. The sicker and weaker one is, the lesser the chances of scoring. Where as, a student that is healthy and fit, may be able to study and comprehend his academics better than others.

If the body is not taken care of and lacks the nutrition and physical exercise, the brain will refuse to work overtime.

Students are blessed with a lot of energy and vigor. Sports provide them with a platform to express them and direct that energy into something useful. Lack of physical fitness often causes the youth to exert that energy into matters of wrong importance.

Physical education is growing in importance in eductional institutions all over the world. Not only is it now a recognized part of the curriculum but it is also gaining its foot on mark sheets. With a little push, some schools are known to give the students extra credit on the merit achieved through sports. This encourages the students to maintain overall balance, mentally and physically.

With that being said, with the quality of life being increased in our students, it enables the better working of our society as a whole. Our children hold our future. What better a future than one, which is built by young individuals that come of sound and balanced minds?

In the following way, physical education forms an important part of our young society. It is our job to encourage and enable them to lead a complete life.

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