Is Play School Learning Actually Required For Kids?

Is Play School Learning Actually Required For Kids?

Is Play School Learning Actually Required For Kids


Kids these days are sent to school as soon as they reach 12-24 months as parents these days are highly aware of the importance of play school learning. However, some parents are skeptical as to whether it is another gimmick idea to extract their funds. Some are also of the opinion that it will add extra pressure to the present day kids. It is crucial that importance of play school learning should be understood by the parents.

What Actually is a Play School?

A play school is actually a place where around 10-20 kids spend around 1-2 hours on a daily basis under the supervision of a single or a couple of teachers. It is recommended by a child psychologist to check that the teacher and child ratio is 1:10, before enrolling their kid to a play school. Child psychologists are of the opinion that play schools have a lot of things to offer. Experts are of the opinion that play schools should not be aimed at developing educational skills like writing and reading. In addition, the school should not set any goals or any other form of stress on kids based on their performance. On the flip side, the best play schools should pay attention to the sensory-motor development and also social development of the kids. Play schools provide the excellent foundation for developing age-related behavior at the right time in kids.

Importance of Play Schools Learning:

As mentioned earlier, play school learning should be considered important by parents as they can expect the following benefits of play school learning:

Knowledge of Social Life:

A play school is the first external environment for the kid to move with people other than his/her family members. This will develop a sense of situation-handling power in the little minds. They will also be in a position to get enough society knowledge through play school learning.

Mode of Preparation for School:

The first and foremost duty of a play school is to train the kids to face the world. As they spend a few hours on a daily basis in a play school, kids can be mentally prepared for a regular school education that they are going to face in the next or in a couple of years. There will be positive change in the nature and behavior of the little ones when they are sent to play schools.

Learning when Playing:

Small kids are highly imitative in nature. Even though play schools give importance to playing at school, they teach kids through play. When they are in a playful mood, kids are taught nursery rhymes, numbers and alphabets.

Interaction with other Kids:

In addition to learning through play, kids enrolled to play school will get the chance to move and interact with other children of similar age group. With the demand of time, the child will learn to enjoy the companion of other kids and they will be in a position to develop their mental abilities.


The benefits of play school learning are huge and so parents are recommended to keep themselves aware of the importance of play school learning, rather than considering this concept to be a gimmick to extract money out of them.