Top 10 Residential Schools In India

Top 10 Residential Schools In India

Top 10 Residential Schools In India


From the history, it is found that residential schooling system for prevailing in India. Earlier, students were reaching the homes of their gurus and stayed with the guru serving him and his family and learning things in return for the service rendered. Also, the students get food and other stuff right at the home of their guru from their guru’s wife. Now, this system is back again in India in the name of residential schools. This means that students will have to stay in the hostel attached to the school and they will be provided with food, clothing and other requirements.

List of Top 10 residential schools:

In India, residential schools are present in different cities for helping parents to make the best choice, when they have decided to put their child in a residential school. Here is the list of top 10 residential schools in India operating from different cities:

  1. Doon School
  2. Woodstock, Mussorie
  3. Mayo College, Ajmer
  4. Welham Girls, Dehradun
  5. Scindia School, Gwalior
  6. Rishi Valley Public School
  7. Lawrence, Lovedale
  8. Lawrence, Sanawar
  9. Kodaikanal International
  10. Bishop Cotton, Shimla

Type of education:

It is stated that students, who take up their schooling in residential schools turn out to be complete individuals as they learn everything right from moral values to subjects. This will help them in turning out to be wholesome individuals and best citizens for the future nation.

Ranking parameter:

The above-mentioned ranking for different schools was given by Outlook Magazine, after taking into consideration different parameters like faculty, studies, individual attention, sports, extra-curricular, moral values and infrastructure.

Some parents, who decide that they cannot provide the best attention to their child, just because both of them are employed can talk to their kid about residential schooling and can join him in one of the top 10 residential schools in India with his consent.