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Details of Andhra Pradesh Board 2018: Eligibility, Result
  • When talking about board education in Andhra Pradesh, there are two boards, the secondary education board and the intermediate education board.
  • Andhra Pradesh Board of Secondary Education is otherwise called as the Directorate of Government Examinations. The board is shortly referred to as BSEAP.
  • The board came into existence in the year 1953. The board functions as an autonomous body under the Department of Education of the state government.
  • The board is responsible for supervising and regulating the system of Secondary Education in the state. She is responsible for executing and governing different activities like granting affiliation to schools, conducting examinations, prescribing syllabus and also devising the courses of study.
  • The board also provides direction, leadership, and support for all the secondary education institutions under its jurisdiction.

School life in Andhra Pradesh

  • The state of Andhra Pradesh has many institutions for higher education along with many primary and secondary schools.
  • The government also has a fee reimbursement scheme in place to help economically weaker section of the state.
  • The regional language in the state is Telugu. With a view to improve literacy and also to improve the quality of life of people through education, the government offers many schemes in this state.
  • For children from classes I to X, the administration is done by the Board of Secondary Education, while the higher secondary level, which is referred to as intermediate education is governed by the Board of Intermediate Education.


  • Andhra Pradesh Board of Secondary Education of conducts examinations at the secondary level.
  • The examinations conducted by this board are:
  • OSSC
  • SSC
  • Both these examinations are conducted for two times a year. Once in March, which is the main examination and the supplementary examination is conducted in May/June every year. Both these are class X examinations, where SSC denotes the main examination and OSSC denotes the secondary examination.
  • In addition to these two major examinations, the board conducts the following other examinations as well:
  • LPT Exams (Hindi, Urdu and Telugu)
  • Technical TTC Examinations
  • National Talent Search Examinations
  • Headmasters Accounts Test
  • D. Ed public examinations
  • National Means Cum Merit Scholarship Examinations
  • Technical Certificate Course Examination
  • Professional Advancement Test for Teachers

SSC Examination

  • The SSC stands for Secondary School Certificate examination.
  • This test is conducted by the BSEAP for all students, who took up their class X in the state either in English, Telugu, Hindi or Urdu Medium.
  • The main examination conducted for class X students is called as SSC, while the supplement examination is called as OSSC.
  • The class X students under Andhra Board will have to study the following papers:
  • First language Paper - I
  • First language paper - 2
  • Second Language
  • English paper I
  • English paper II
  • Mathematics Paper I
  • Mathematics Paper II
  • General Science Paper I
  • General Science Paper II
  • Social Studies Paper I
  • Social Studies Paper II
  • OSSC Main language Paper 2 (Persian/Sanskrit/Arabic)
  • SSC Vocational Language (Theory)

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