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Details of Jharkhand Board 2018: Eligibility, Result
  • Jharkhand is relatively a new state in India. The state came into existence in the year 2000.
  • After the establishment of the state, an Act to establish an Academic Council in the state was enacted. This was done by the Jharkhand State Legislature. The same was assented by the Governor of the state on 2003 December month.
  • This academic council is referred to as Jharkhand Academic Council, and it was constituted by the HRD Department of the State Government.
  • The purpose of the academic council of the state is to hold and conduct examinations at the end of Madrasa education, Sanskrit Education, Secondary Education, and intermediate education.
  • The council is also for prescribing courses for these classes.
  • She also recommends the recognition of intermediate educational institution, Madrasas, Sanskrit schools and High Schools to the state government.
  • The council will carry out such other duties as assigned to it by the State Government from time to time.

School Life in Jharkhand

  • According to the 2011 census, the literacy rate in the state was 67.63%.
  • Right from the state formation, the Jharkhand Education Project Council shortly called as JEPC has been implementing four projects.
  • The purpose of these projects is to spread elementary education, and the names of these projects are KGBV, NPEGEL, SSA, and DPEP. The state is marching towards the goal of universal elementary education. But, the state is not able to achieve this target till now.
  • The medium of instruction in the schools in this state is English or Hindi along with Odia or Bengali or Hindi or Sanskrit or English as the second language.
  • After completion of 10 years of schooling, students are at liberty to join two years of intermediate education, which is called as 10+2 in many states in India.
  • The options available in the intermediate education level for students are commerce, science, and arts.
  • Education in Jharkhand starts at the age of 5 when a child is admitted to a school.
  • The schools that provide education in the state are affiliated either to the state board or ICSE or CBSE.
  • The government schools in this state offer education are vernacular. This means that the medium of instruction is Hindi.
  • There are also government English medium schools and private English medium schools in the state.


  • Jharkhand Academic Council examines the secondary level and also intermediate level.
  • These two tests are conducted at the state level. Students taking education from other boards will have to take the examination conducted by the appropriate board.

Secondary Examination

  • The secondary examination conducted by the Jharkhand Academic Council is for class X
  • Students, who complete their class IX examination conducted by their schools, will be promoted to class X.
  • Class X students will have to study the following subjects:
  • Music
  • Hindi
  • Commerce/home science
  • Mathematics
  • Urdu/Bengali/Oriya
  • Science
  • Arabic/Persian/Ho/Mundari/Santhali/Oraon
  • English
  • Social Science
  • Kharia/Khortha/Kurmali/Nagpuri/Panch Pargania
  • Sanskrit

Intermediate Examination

  • Jharkhand Board also conducts the intermediate examination under three groups called as I. Sc, I. Com and I. A
  • These groups stand for science, commerce, and arts respectively.
  • Some papers are common for students under all groups, while there are papers specific to each group as well.
  • Here is the list of papers at the intermediate level along with their respective group details:
  • Music – I.A
  • Geology – I. Sc.
  • Compulsory Core Language – I.A (Hindi A, Hindi B + Matribhasha & English A)
  • Vocational – I.A, I. Sc., I. Com
  • Compulsory Core Language – I. Sc., I. Com (Hind A, Hindi B + Matribhasha & English A)
  • Biology (Zoology + Botany) – I. Sc.
  • Geography – I. A
  • Business Mathematics – I. Com
  • Economics – I. Sc. & I. Com
  • History – I. A
  • Philosophy – I. A
  • Mathematics/Statistics – I.A, I. Sc., I. Com
  • Physics – I. Sc.
  • Accountancy – I. Com
  • Economics – I. A
  • Chemistry – I. Sc.
  • Home Science – I. A
  • Business Studies – I. Com
  • Sociology – I. A
  • Entrepreneurship – I. Com
  • Political Science – I.A
  • Elective Language (Compulsory) – I. A
  • Additional Language – I. Sc and I. Com
  • Computer Science – I. Sc & I. Com
  • Psychology – I.A
  • Anthropology – I.A

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