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  • The Board for school education in the state of Punjab is called as Punjab School Education Board
  • Shortly called as PSEB, this board was established in 1969
  • The PSEB board was established with a view to administer the curriculum taught in public schools in the state and for conducting standardized examinations at the state level.
  • The board is also responsible for administration of scholarships and publishing of textbooks.
  • The headquarters of the board is located in Chandigarh in a place called SAS Nagar at Mohali.
  • The board has a full-time chairman as its head.
  • This position is held by a person for three years and he will be technically reporting to the Secretary of School Education in the Government of Punjab during his three-year tenure.
  • In short, the board has a wider scope of responsibilities and the scope covers almost every activity pertaining to school education in the state.

PSEB Examinations:

  • PSEB has different branches to take care different operations.
  • Some of the branches under this board include academic branch, administration branch, etc.
  • Examination branch is one of the branches in the board.
  • This branch conducts state level examination for class X and class XII in Punjab
  • The class X examination is called as Matriculation examination
  • Class XII examination is called as Senior Secondary Examination.

Matriculation examination:

  • The Matriculation examination for 2017 was conducted by the PSEB from the 14th of March 2017 to the 29th of March 2017.
  • There are totally six papers in which students from class X will have to take up their public examination in the state. They are as follows:
    • English
    • Music-Tabla
    • Sangeet Vadan
    • Mathematics
    • Punjabi – A
    • Punjabi History and Moral Science
    • Sehat & Sarirakh Studies
    • Hindi
    • Urdu
    • Social Science
    • Computer Science
    • Science
  • In addition to these papers, there are also life-skill related subject choices offered by the board for matriculation students
  • NSQF subjects are also on offer for these children.

Class XII:

  • The Senior secondary examination for class XII was conducted by the board from the 28th of February to 24th of March 2017 for the academic year 2017.
  • For class XII, students have the option to choose vocation stream and general stream of studies.
  • The papers on offer for senior secondary students under Punjab board are:
    • General English
    • Bookkeeping and accountancy
    • Education
    • History and appreciation of arts
    • Computer application
    • Political Science
    • Environmental studies
    • Public administration
    • Business organization and management
    • Defence
    • Agricultural studies
    • Dance
    • History
    • Physical education and sports insurance
  • There are many other subjects for class XII, which will vary according to the group chosen by students.

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