List of Montessori Schools of India for Admission in 2018

Top Montessori Schools in India

Montessori Schools in India follow the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori for educating kids. The Montessori training is actually different from the training provided in other schools in India. These schools in India follow visionary methods and insights into teaching kids. These schools in India focus towards permitting children in making their own choices in learning. The Montessori activities in India do not follow the same pattern of a syllabus for all kids. Rather, a personalised attention is given by Montessori school in India to each kid. Rather than leading, teachers in these schools in India just guide the kids. Some top Montessori Schools are , Kotwals School, The Brigade School. Most of the activities in these schools in India are based on collaborative play.

Montessori School Admission in India

Most Montessori Schools in India admit children from 2.5 years of age. However, kids between 2.5-4 years are considered for primary education in India. Also, children between 4 and 6 years are also grouped separately under primary education in India. Hands-on-learning and self-directed activities are also part of education in these schools in India. For a Montessori School Admission in India, parents are recommended to submit an application form. Also, these schools in India recommend parents to submit the birth certificate as age proof. Parents are recommended to look at the List of Montessori schools in India before selecting. Schools having good reviews are Gnan Srishti School Of Excellence, Hillrock National Public School.

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